Back to college with Stabilo

“Some forethought and planning can do wonders for your schedule and sanity. Try to work ahead a little when you can. Try to predict what you will need to do next. This will give you a safety net in case unexpected things come up, or it could free up some of your time so you can rest and relax. In any case, it will make things easier and less stressful. You’ll also be a bit more actively aware of how you are choosing to spend your time.” 
 Akiroq Brost


Markers help me to see the structure, the words that matter. That’s what I want to achieve this school year. More structure. Understanding the text, not just seeing words on a paper. Seeing the bigger picture instead of just a piece. And the only way to obtain that it, is by planning. “So why is planning and organizing hot? It’s your way to demonstrate that you are thoughtful and can think ahead — that you are not just about the big idea, but also about its execution.” – Huffington post



Normally when I mark words during studying it hurts my eyes because it’s to flashy. But this Stabilo collections contains soft, pastel colors. It almost motives me to study. I’m quite a fan of the pink ones  as you can see ❤

Buy them here 


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