The Wet Brush Flex Dry: approved by a curly head

Not so long ago I received this brush from The Wet Brush. Before trying it I already fell in love with the color. But when it comes to brushing my hair I’m a bit skeptic as I have a lot of curls that why I only brush my hair after showering.

IMG_0037 - kopie.JPG

Normally I use this brush from Aveda, as you can see I use it a lot. It doesn’t damage my hair and removes knots easily. You can buy the brush here. But even thought I have a favorite brush, it doesn’t stop me from testing other products.


The unique and flexible design of Wet Brush Flex Dry brushes makes drying your hair very easy. Through the open brush head, the hair dries 30% faster than with a normal brush! In addition, the flexible brush head enhances the effect of the intelliflex brush hair, which allows the wet hair to be brushed extra carefully. Ultra-light and heat resistant! Wet Brush hair brushes provide a solution for anyone who is looking for a better way to decompose hair. The Wet Brush can be used on wet hair and on dry, curly or steep hair, thick or fine. Everyone can use the Wet Brush. The Wet Brush anti-dumb brushes are different from the anti-dumb brushes you already know because they are also suitable for wet hair. Normally, brushing wet hair is discouraged because it can break her easily. With the Wet Brush, you can easily decompose any hair type, wet or dry. The bristles are so developed that they do not damage the scalp and hair.

This is what their site says about the product. And I can totally confirm it. Normally when I brush my (wet) curly hair. It hurts due the fact that I have a lot of knots and that’s why I lose hair easily. But when I used this one my hair didn’t hurt for a second. It’s also easier to blow dry my hair as the design has an open head. It looks very stylish and they do what they claim!


You can buy them here

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