TESTED: Green people & Little Ondine

As you may know, most of the beauty products I use and review lately are biologic land cruelty free. As I want to be sure that the products I put on my beauty won’t do me  or animals any harm.

This time I’m reviewing products from Biocare as they provide biological skin – and haircare products. They claim that everything they offer on their site are: better for you and the environment. The webshop supplies bio brands.  I tried the biological shampoo and conditioner with quinoa & artichoke (30ml.)  from Green People.The packages are small and meant for traveling.

At first sight the ingredients sounded kinda bizarre to me. I’d never seen hair products witch quinoa nor artichoke but apparently they’re very beneficial to your hair.

IMG_0023 (2).JPG

I looked on Biocare and it says that quinoa contains a lot of protein so it will intensely take care of your hair and gives it soft texture. The artichoke makes sure that your hair isn’t fluffy after you take a bath or shower. After testing them my hair was indeed softer and had a specific smell. The only downside is that I got knots in my hair after using the shampoo. (But I got the perfect brush to solve the problem, which will soon be revealed on my blog).You can compare it to the smell of a bio shop. Those natural oils and perfumes are similar to the smell.

IMG_0021 (2).JPG

My hair was softer  even after I recently dyed it. So it does what it claims. The fact that those products are vegan, biological and natural are really a plus! The down side of the travel size is that they are small and I’d rather preferred a bigger tube as I have a lot of hair. So it will probably be empty soon.

You can buy the shampoo here  and conditioner here  (19,95-)

IMG_0024 (2).JPG

I also received a glitter nail polish from Little Ondine. Sparkles always cheer me up. #Lesbittermoreglitter is kina my motto. As I bite my nails, the polish hides the length because you’re more focused on the glitters then the size on my nails. Learned this little trick from nail expert Elfi!  Why should you choose for this bio,vegan and cruelty free brand instead of a cheaper, toxic nail polish?

  1. The polishes from this brand are made from natural ingredients such as resin, biological colour pigments and water.
  2. Due the fact that they don’t use chemicals it doesn’t smell bad but neutral.
  3. It dried rather quickly, sooner than I expected.
  4. If the polish bores you, it’s easy to peel off. No more chemical nail polish removers.

I have nothing negative to say about the nail polish and personally I think It’s totally worth the money ( 16,95-)

Shop the polish here 

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