I’m brond! : Mo’na Salon tested and approved!

Sometimes I wish I didn’t had curly hair. As it was raining before I entered beauty salon Mo’na my hair was a voluminous mess. “ Damn you have a lot of curls” said owner Stijn when I entered Mo’na. “What colour do you want?” Habibe asked, one of the hairdressers. “ Something bright and colourful that will light up my face, I’m used to have ombré hair. Maybe a bit of grey or caramel?” I always wanted grey hair like the picture below. It looks so good on Tumblr and Pinterest, knowing that it’s so damaging for my hair as they should bleach it several times to get it that light.9194b0e6b37e2eaf1dc4f09fb49da682--ombre-hair-platinum-silver-black-ombre-hair

That’s why the staff suggests caramel locks as my hair is dark and blond probably turn out orange or if it does work out, it will look trashy. “You don’t want to look trashy right,” says Stijn as a warning. “We’re going to bleach your hair and going to see how light it can become. It all depends on your hair. If it doesn’t turn out yellow or red we can put a light colour on it.”  It’s nice to know that the hairdressers don’t make promises they cannot keep. They’re careful and very advising, I love it!

owner Stijn

As they’re dyeing my hair owner Stijn is telling how he started his salon. He used to work at a hairdresser and they always used Aveda products. Natural beauty products that contain at least 50% molecules from plaints or other natural sources like water. The brand is also cruelty free and doesn’t test their material on animals. Stijn was a big fan of Aveda and dreamed of having his own salon beauty salon where he would use products from Aveda. First he worked as a freelance in a salon that also collaborated with Aveda after having his loyal customers it was time to build up his own salon. Besides getting your hair done you can also enjoy a spa or do your nails @ Mo’na which stands for Mo’re and Nature. They care about their customers that’s why they don’t want to use damaging products.




After my chat they’re checking my hair and it turns out lighter than expected, luckily they could put a grey-ish toner on my hair. I was beyond excited to see the final result. My hair turned out really light, Stijn put some curly mouse from Aveda on my hair for a bit of volume and it looked wonderful. Personally I think that the More from Mo’na refers to the staff. They’re so kind, always trying to please their customers and willing to anything to get the best results. After my visit to the salon I went to the Komono opening in Brussels and got so much positive comments about my hair. I’m glad I choose for Mo’na.



Mo’na Salon & Spa, Korenmarkt 49, 2800 Mechelen, 015/34.01.30, http://mo-na.be/.


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