One clothing piece: two lives

Our society is turning into a capitalism system. We study, get our degree, search for a job to earn money and spend money to useless stuff. Never satisfied with what we have, always hungry for more. Fast fashion retailers are the perfect example of this model that’s why ecological designers give me hope.

252673-13-5575ad-original-1499177876Sebastien Vandekerckhove  created  limited and exclusive embroidered leather jackets He is initially known for his jewelry. But the talent of Sebastien Vandekerckhove still extends so much further. With a limited edition leather jacket, the Ghent jewel designer wants to show how to give a second-hand used garment a second life. Sebastien Vandekerckhove is a multitalent. After graduating in fashion, he followed a degree in forging in Mechelen. For his final work in 2015, he made all kinds of jewelry applications, including a leather jacket with embroidery and silver and brass applications. Over the past two years, he launched two successful jewelry collections, but the idea continued to do something to do with coats. He collected leather jackets in second-hand stores, designed designs and started working on it. The result is a very limited collection, each jacket consists of 1 piece, but they can also be ordered on demand.


The moral of this hope giving story is that sometimes what we want is right in front of us. We can give , items that we normally would throw away, a brand new life.



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