Dopper: Sunshine splash bottle

Last week I got this cool Dopper bottle in my mailbox. I support this brand because they are eco-friendly and encourage me to drink more water by using their product!

With their Perfect Paradise Collection they launched the same bottles but this time the colors are faded. As an innovative company they listen to their audience and follow trends which leads to contemporary bottles.


“By launching a line with pastel colors the water is centralized,” says brand manager Gabriëlle Boer. It’s fashionable and Instagram proof. The company wants to make drinking water in fashion and hopes that it will lead to a global changement.


Dopper wants to live in a world where people are aware of the environment, where we actively reduce the amount of single plastic waste contamination and where everyone, close to home and far away, has access to safe drinking water. The company is now active in the Benelux, Germany and America. The huge use of PET bottles worldwide causes a huge waste stream in the ocean; the so-called ‘plastic soup’.

Dopper_Pink-Paradise_Embargo-tot-17-augustus-2017-103 (1)

With reusable design water bottles of high-grade plastic and steel, Dopper contributes to the reduction of these environmental issues. In addition, Dopper encourages the use of tap water as a cheap and less environmentally-friendly alternative to mineral water. From Dopper’s net sales turnover, 5% through the Dopper Foundation goes to Simavi water projects in Nepal and to the education programs on clean (water) and plastic waste from the Dopper Academy.

Buy a Dopper  . Why?

  1. The designs are so #Instaworthy
  2. You’ll support the people in Simavi
  3. They’re eco-friendly
  4. Listen to Mick Jenkins and drink more water !

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