Pretty in pink

Summer is coming to an end, soon! So bear yourself fall is coming. My favorite thing about fall/winter is the fashion part. The fake fur, sweater weather, red lips combined with a LBD…. We tend to buy dark clothing like bordeaux, deep bleu, brown and black. I get it, it’s normal. But a pink touch wouldn’t hurt anyone right? It could light up our dark days, if we’d wear something colorful! Here’s a list of some winter must haves with a pink touch!


Quote Sweater – Liebeskind Berlin
Sneakers – Liebeskind Berlin
Down Coat – Bulté
Earrings – Elisa Lee
Supersonic Hairdryer – Dyson
Diamond necklace – Stavros Sisters
Hand Cream – RainPharma
Knitted Sweater – mbyM
Scarf – mbyM

Bulté –
Dyson –
Elisa Lee –
Liebeskind Berlin –
mbyM –
RainPharma –
Stavros Sisters – 

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