Festival idea’s

Festival season already kicked in , here in Belgium. Few more days and it’s my turn to enjoy the music, atmosphere and nice company. As much as I like going during the years appearance played a big role in the music industry. When I was at We Can Dance festival last year. They had a ” space them”, everyone was dressed metallic and the vibe was so cool. It was so different from hippie festivals like Coachella . So here are a few inspirational theme’s if you don’t know how you want to dress up to your fave band.







It’s summer , no more worries, no more bad weather. Go crazy with glitter on your face no holding back. You catch lot’s of girls experimenting with glitter and it’s so much fun. Al you need is a good primer and some glitter

Boho Chic

If you’re more a boho, laid-back kinda type. Lace is your thing. Flared pants, a lace top and some flower on your head is the perfect combo




Temporary tattoo’s

I’m a big fan of temporary tattoos , they’re so subtle ye they can totally make a minimalist outfit. A must for fashionable , festival-lovers




Source : Pinterest

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