Krying Kim from the casy company x Kaart Blanche

Ever felt in a sad dramatic mood ? Never forget  Kim Kardashian’s $75K diamond earring fell into the ocean while in Bora Bora and she couldn’t stop crying. Then again we all have those ‘Krying Kim’ moments as I like to call them. 

We have witnessed 14 days of 2017 and some of us have failed to to stick to their New Year’s resolutions. As I haven’t made them yet I stumbled on some along the way. I learned that a lot of things can be solved if you just take your time to listen. I’m mean really listen, not filtering the things you need and then cut off your brain. Overreacting is also a big issue that can lead to Krying Kim moments because sometimes we  create unnecessary drama . Don’t follow Kim K.’s example when it comes to drama.




Anyway you’re probably all asking where I got this cool laptop case from right ? As a blogger I was aloud to choose a cool case from A site where you can design your own phone / laptop case or buy one from their dope collection. Personally I had a hard time choosing a case as there were so many cool design. The designs are very youthful and vibrant . For my Kim K. case they’ve collaborated with Kaart Blanche , a Belgian grafie platform, it might explains why I fell in love with this playful design. I know the creators of the platform and supported them from day 1. Please check out their site. Their designs are A-MAZING. They never fail to make me happy. Besides making cases they design card and also teamed with fashion blogger Nanouk for some epic sweaters. Keep up the good work guys!


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