NYE look with David Jones bag from Duifhuizen tassen en koffers


The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.

-Melody Beattie

It’s so weird that 2016 has already come to an end. The years are passing by way to fast if you ask me. It feels like I’ve just let the day pass by till the calendar hit another year but then again if I throw back to 2016, I shouldn’t complain. Of course there have been downs but there were also accomplishments which I was damn proud of.

Goals are part of those accomplishments . 2016 was the year that I exposed “my poetry”. I shared carefully written thoughts that made a story. Which ended up in a two paged article in the newspaper and I was like “why me, lol”. I also exposed myself a lot as a blogger. It takes a lot of energy, you have get yourself out there which led to collaborations and meeting kind hearted people. 2016 was also the year where I freaked out ‘cause I was asked to write for my favourite fashion magazine aka Knack Weekend.  It was the year where I did an internship for the Belgian radio and television aka writing articles, making snaps and just having fun Tara style .



This sounds so positive but 2016 was also I year where I discovered how cruel, harsh and competing the lifestyle world is. Which was very confronting . I’m talking about bloggers, fashion journalists.. Some operate under the motto “ homo homini, lupus est”. You may not believe this but there are people who you’d see walking over corpses to achieve what they want. But the most important things that I’ve learned in 2016 is that you have to keep it real, be yourself, stay yourself and don’t act Beyoncé on people.

That’s why I wanted to share my New Year’s Eve slash day after New Year look in collaboration with Duifhuizen tassen en koffers. I was allowed to choose one beautiful bag of their diverse collection. I fell in love with this black David Jones bag. Very classy for an evening look yet you can also wear it during the day. I wanted to keep my look low-key. Basic black trousers, black blazer, beautiful bag and a puma sweat to be a bit sassy.


This look reflects exactly what I’ve learned from 2016. Be low-key. Be different but don’t scream for attention. If you’re patient, the right people will notice and come to you. No matter what you’re doing, no matter where you are. If you’re just doing your thing it will be okay. I wanted to keep it simple by being all black then I combined the sweat and bag are making the outfit a bit more lit. I feel comfortable in it, it’s dressed up enough to meet your family or a little party but you can also wear it to wander around the city the next day. What I like about the David Jones bag is that it’s big enough to put everything you need like : pouch, laptop , phone and keys but you not big enough to dump useless things that you won’t need and you’d probably lose anyway. If you know what I mean. Women always say, ‘ I’ve putted in my bag and now it’s lost’. Well you can’t do that in that bag, it’s not big enough to lose things. Just the perfect size, if you ask me.

I love Duifhuizen tassen en koffers go check out their site for more articles .



Happy 2017,

Love Juste Tara xx


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