Let’s be old school with Kaweco


She never felt more alone.

Cause the outside world never felt more like home.

Breaking walls, catching plains.

Hearing laughs, watching the rain.

She never felt watched or teared apart.

She just stood there. Very carefully .

Killing time, watching the sings.

Where she never felt more lost then in the outside world.


I love writing since I was a little girl. Before they invented smartphones. So I took my notebook and fountain pen, blocked everything from outside and just wrote. It’s one of those moments where you don’t care what’s going one. You’re there with yourself. Whether it’s in the train. Being attentive and taking notes of what you’ve seen or on a Sunday afternoon in bed where you’re sipping your tea whilst taking your notebook and writing down your overflow of thoughts. Over the years I have collected pages of handwritten text. Stacked in a box where my Geuss shoe’s used to lay.

Maybe you wouldn’t expect this from me but I’m pretty old school when it comes to technology. I’d rather have a type machine then a laptop, polaroid cameras are way cooler  then digital ones and there’s nothing on earth that could replace handwritten letters. I mean how boring is it to refresh your phone for an new e-mail if you could receive a personal handwritten letter!


I prepare my interviews on a notebook from last year, I do I do wedding fair. There’s a fuchsia book on my bookshelf who waits for when I’m in a mood to write poems, lyrics or thought. I love filling notebooks with words. Just words. Notebooks are life. I’ve been collecting them my whole life. There’s nothing inspiring about a blank laptop screen. If you wrote something down on your screen and it crashed or you clicked on delete. It’s gone. Imagine Shakespeare had a computer and the damn machine crashed. We wouldn’t be able to read lovely sentences like :

When in eternal lines to time thou grow’st;
So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

All because defaults of technologie. Words on paper are eternal they don’t disappear, they haunt you. If I need to remember something I write it on a yellow post-it and stick to my wall.  I can’t make a shopping list on my phone, I need to write it down and feel the actual paper. No screen could ever replace that. To use pen and paper, for me it’s natural. ‘Even a scrap of paper and a stub of a pencil are more preferable for philosophizing than typing the same words down, since writing a word out, letter by letter, is a more self-conscious process and one more likely to inspire further revisions and elaborations of that thought.’ Proclaimed poet Charles Simic, I can totally relate to that.


Nowadays it’s not, because lots of people rather grab their phone or laptop to write something down. I feel like using pen and paper is a rare thing . I even once had someone who told me  it was “ cute” that I still rely on pen and paper. That’s it’s weird thing that there are still people who do that. I was relieved when Kaweco send me this Kaweco Sport Classic Black fountain pen, it was proof that people still use pens instead of touchscreens. I checked my letterbox and there it was a cute handwritten letter addressed to me accompanied by a beautiful pen. Black with gold accents. So elegant. I fell in love with the aristocratic design. Their designs are authentic yet very modern it’s because the brand was founded in 1883 they like tradition but also aim to innovate. Go check their site, get a fancy old school fountain pen and write a nice letter for the holidays or a cute love letter. The internet is really overacted . Be old school. Go back to the roots!

Postpostscriptum: Dear people who read this, if you want to tell me something. Write me a fucking letter. Its original. I’d appreciate the effort







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