Event: Friday x Amelie Lens

Last week Amelie Lens launched her own collection and collaborated with Friday, a fashion line that can be found in CKS stores. So there I was on the 24th floor of the A-tower with Ine freelance journalist and obsessed with clothing, like me. We walked in the room and saw minimal basic black clothing. It was totally Amelie, she really stayed true to herself whilst designing the line for Friday.  I remember when I met Amelie earlier this year at We Can Dance she was wearing a black jumpsuit from her own collection and she killed it. So it’s not one of those collabs where a famous person puts her name on the line and claims it. Amelie is really involved in her collab with Friday.

Pictures by Dennis Ravays


Later in the evening Amelie played a set. Besides being a model and designer people also know her as a dj. Her music  is just like her clothing: very minimal but also melancholic and dark. Her whole personality is a concept, brand. 



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