Report: We Can Dance

The last festival that I attended as a photographer and social media reporter was WE CAN DANCE. This year their theme was space, because it was my first edition  I didn’t knew what to expect. So I arrived at the beach, where the festival took place and a lot of people were dressed in really cool metallic outfits. There were delicious food trucks everywhere that I needed to try, make-up stands from M.A.C , hair booths from Redken, an awesome  racket from H&M and cool mirrors from Zalando. I know it was going to be an epic day as the sun was shining and everyone seemed to have a good time.

We can dance


The first thing I did before spotting the best dressed people of WCD was going to the M.A.C booth to get some glitter on my face. My face was done but my hair wasn’t so that why I decided to go to Redken with Jennifer, the coolest photographer who I spend the day with,  to glamorize my hair.

Since I won Redken products for curly hair from @cristaldie ( review is coming soon) , I became an instant fan of their products and I was really impressed after they did my hair at the festival . I asked for two French breads and a gold touch in between and I fell in love with the result!


After my visit to Redken I wanted some more glitter one my face so we went to Florence from the mobile make up bar to get some stars on my face.


We can dance_6

After my hair and face were covered with gold and matching with my shoes and shirt I was ready to take some pictures of the audience with Jen. I bumped in to Amelia Lens before her set and made a little snapchat video ( watch it on my instagram ) . It was a lovely day and before going home I grabbed some delicious  nachos. Even if I can’t dance, I loved WE CAN DANCE . Hope to come back next year!

If you’re curious in the pictures I took, you can visit my Facebook page and take a look !

I’m wearing : t-shirt, bomber jacket and jeans from Zara. The lovely gold shoes are from Bobo Tremelo !

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