Report : Reggae Geel

After being on holiday for a month, seeing the sunset on the beach for a daily basis. The “ be chill and relax” attitude made me nervous. I was ready to be surrounded by lots of people, listen to loud music and just have a good time. That’s why I decided to go to Reggae Geel as press so I could take some shots and interview interesting Reggae performers .

Tara Boutaleb_31.jpg

Tara Boutaleb_59.jpg

I went to Reggae Geel for the first time, so I didn’t knew what to expect. I like reggae music, the people who listen to it are friendly and peaceful but I don’t know any reggae artists . Shame on me right? So I go to a festival where I don’t know any performer, quite embarrassing. That’s why I decided to shoot the best looks, do some research and I found out that: Reggae legend Perry scratch was coming, Belgian atomic spiff and a young aspiring artist called Savena. Those where the people I definitely wanted to speak after their show.

Tara Boutaleb_205.jpg

So I arrive at Reggae Geel and meet up with some friends, who really come to the festival for the performers. I was there like hi ‘ who is that on stage’? Do I decided to the press area where there were reggae radio hosts from the UK, France and Germany who kindly helped me getting to know the artists and convinced me why reggae music is not a music genre but a lifestyle. The singers were really friendly and every time that I took the performers on stage they smiled at the lens and there was one singer who even stopped the music to stay : “ Hi, that girl wants to take a picture.” Was really funny. To end Reggae Geel in style I went to Bob Marley son to ask for a picture ‘cause even if he didn’t had talent he still carries on a legendary name, MARLEY. The artist that I interviewed were really down to earth and RG was one hell of a party. Def going back next year. If  you want so see more pictures , go to my facebook page.

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