Summerfestival : social media reporter for Osaka


I had a last minute call to be one of the social media reporters for the hockey brand Osaka at Summer festival in Antwerp. A few snapchats, pictures for facebook and insta. Sounds like the perfect job for me right? It was a bit overwhelming cause I finally got to see Yellow Claw live! So I went Saturday afternoon, took my bus to Antwerp after having worked an entire day but I didn’t really care because I was really looking forward to having a good time in the Vip-area and shooting some people.



glasses from Polette


It was quite nice a stayed for a little while and bumped in to Nicolas Lombaert one of the soccer players of the national team.  You could watch the game almost everywhere and I coincidently watched the game from the day before that’s why I remembered him. Well, I know he played in the national team but I wasn’t sure what his name was. Till his brother in law said: ‘ Yeah that’s Nicolas, my brother in law.’ It’s funny because he was partying a day after Belgium lost against Wales. Nice lad anyway. More pictures on my facebook!

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