Fruit infused water & don’t touch this is my bottle

Tara and gym aren’t words that are often used in one sentence. As my pants became tighter and summer is on it’s way.  I became determined to visit the gym ( I got a membership card for almost a year but rarely used it, shame on me !)  Times have changed and last week I entered THE GYM. You know that place where people work out. I hate running and I always feel that somehow  I don’t belong there. Beside that it went okay, I did cardio for about 30 minutes and left. I know it’s not much but it’s a beginning !

IMG_9939Tara Boutaleb


Besides working I need to eat cleaner. No more kebabs and ( Belgian) fries. Hello : spinach milk shakes, oatmeal and quinoa. I love healthy food, after quitting sugar I tend to appreciate food. I enjoy it, it’s not a diet but a lifestyle. I noticed that I have a sugar addiction therefore it’s hard for me to suddenly cut of sugar. But lately I discovered fruit infused water  and got the cutest bottles ever thanks to a dutch webshop! They sell: fruit infused water bottles, basic water bottles and blender smoothie makers in a bottle! Chek it out.

IMG_9936Tara Boutaleb
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Fruit infused water is healthy , easy to make and you have infinite  combination ! Studies have even shown that drinking water naturally boosts your metabolism, and drinking fruit infused water for weight loss can be an easy way to increase your water intake. I made my water with : strawberry, lemon and basil . You can check out more recipes on here  . It’s really worth a shot and wayyy better then unhealthy sodas.

IMG_9967Tara Boutaleb

IMG_9970Tara Boutaleb
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I also got a water bottle for during/ after the gym, it came with the coolest bag ever. Don’t you dare to touch my bottle , got it ? Really happy with my bottles.They’re easy to take away. More tips & tricks, healthy food and diets are coming up soon. If you have any tips for a healthy lifestyle , they’re more then welcome. You can contact me through my Facebook or Instagram ! Wishing you’ll a happy summer !

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