8 tea 5: not just another Bubble Tea


It’s been three years since the first 8tea5, bubble tea shop, opened in Antwerp. So it’s been three years since I walked in 8tea5 for the first time. I discovered it through a friend when we were shopping in Antwerp during the summer . We wanted a quick  snack and refreshing drink. That’s how I end up drinking my first Bubble Tea. I remember it was a tea with green apple.


vanilla with milk and sherry bubbles


What is Bubble Tea ?

Bubble tea is a drink originated in Taiwan. It is a cocktail-like drink based on fresh tea we brew every day. What makes bubble tea even more special is the addition of “bubbles”. Bubble Tea has become a hype! There are lots of them e.g. in Antwerp. But what’s the difference between 8 tea 5 and all those other shops? Personally I think 8 tea 5 is authentic and really caring about their customers.

They came up with the name 8 tea 5 because Bubble Tea was invented in 1985. Co-owner  Ling-Ming Fan wanted to bring the authentic drinks from Taiwan to Antwerp. Even Asians love to drink their tea in 8 tea 5! Americans love their home made red velvet cake ! It must be really authentic right ?

When you walk in to the shop you see lots of colours they refer to the funky ’80. Because the shop is located in a side street of the Meir with lots of skate shops and near the University of Antwerp they attract lots of students and subcultures like hipsters and skaters. That’s why they’re one of the few sellers of the limited brand, lomography. They also have their on merchandise with their symbol, a lamp. It’s a hole concept




The menu

As you can see I’ve tasted lots of Bubble Teas @ 8tea5. But what’s on their menu. Every season come ûp with a different menu . During fall you can enjoy warm Bubble Tea’s with whip cream and kinder beuno hmmmmm! But also milk tea with e.g : Vanilla, Coconut, Strawberry. Fruit tea with : lychee, peach, green apple, …

And during the summer you can enjoy some cocktais with bubbles ! They have watermelon, Strawberry mojito, Matcha, Nutella, Oreo shake… You can add ice to you drinks or drink them warm. It’s all about personal taste!

But the coolest part is that they serve those specials all year. So you can drink hot drinks during summer or cocktails in the winter !







How to choose a flavour?

If you come to bubble tea for the first time they will help you choosing a drink. ” If you have to get used to the idea of tea with bubbles start with a fruity one “ says Ling-Min. “If you want to go all the way go for a milky one.” Choosing and mixing tastes is fun, just visit the shop enjoy and go for it !

tara bub.PNG
Taro bubble tea with coffee bubbles


Korte Klarenstraat 15, 2000 Antwerp Belgium

Galerie du Centre – Shop 6 – 10
Rue des Fripiers 17
B-1000 Brussels

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