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Match with your personality

Perfume. Every scent is unique so are you. Choosing a signature scent that represents you isn’t always easy. You want to smell good, leave a good impression and maybe bring up memories when you’re standing near someone. That’s why need to choose the right perfume. I personally spend hours choosing a perfume that fits me . I’m a doubtful person so I try different samples. As I was writing this post and analysing my perfumes I concluded that I’m a dreamy, romantic person that likes adventures.

How do we choose wisely ? You want something that you’ll enjoy. When you’re in the shop try something on your skin . That’s were samples are for. Everyone reacts different to perfume because our skin has its own unique code of hormones . That’s why it can slightly or extremely alter how a fragrance smells. You need that wait a few minutes on after you sprayed some perfume on your wrists and then smell the scent.



Perks of working for Zara. I went for love shopping in Paris & 11 Corso Vittorio Emanuele Milano . God I love those two cities. Paris is an oriental perfume. If you like to travel and experience new cultures  this is the one for you.  The main scent is vanilla, there aren’t any dominant nor heavy ingredients. It’s a very light perfume with patchouli, vanilla and some exotic fruit like litchi. Milano on the other hand is very floral and fruity. Love the bottle and the perfume is pink and glittery !



IMG_9920Tara Boutaleb

Pink and romantic

Most pink perfumes are fruity or floral and are perfect for: romantic , sweet and sensitive characters. It’s like smelling a bouquet. They include familiar notes like magnolia, jasmine, rose and lily. I you’re thinking :”Yup that’s me” I would recommend Forever and ever by Dior. They got me when I heard the title. How romantic?  Love the perfume and it has a very light and subtle scent !

If you’re romantic but more  mysterious and sexy kind of person I’d go for a fragrance with a bottom note of amber, wood, musk or vanilla. Parisienne would match your personality. It’s very feminine, floral but not subtle at all. When you walk in to a room people would wonder:’ Who is this woman? I want to get to know her

IMG_9918Tara BoutalebIMG_9917Tara Boutaleb


IMG_9916Tara Boutaleb

Van Cleef & Arpels will blow you away and take you to an enchanted world with their Féerie. Look at the bottle it’s art! It smells very flowery and woody. Very fresh and perfect for a summer day!


IMG_9923Tara Boutaleb

According to Geurlain’s site Idylle is ‘light and airy, an unforgettable love affair, an impulse, an ecstasy. It is waking up with a smile and going to sleep with a memory. It is a thousand details, words and kisses. It is ardour and intensity.’ It’s a very powerfulr and sensual scent you could compare it Parisienne. So if you’re a shy person or you like subtle you shouldn’t go for Idylle. But if you do you won’t regret it !

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