Lohaus @ TrixTrax

Stien interviewed a band about synthesizers. I had no clue what synths were, an electric machine bands use to make music? But as the band was kind of indie I gladly came along to make some pics (and interrupted her a few times soz, dirty habit…)

Tara Boutaleb_7


I’m always into discovering new bands and love sharing them with y’all. So meet Lohaus. A quite new Belgian band, well actually they’re not that new they started in 2014 but anyway they’re new to me. We entered the room and two members of the band, Dries and Thomas were casually sitting on the red bench.

Stien, Dries & Thomas

They’re music is often described as urban-pop/ trip-pop. But how do the lads describe their music? “We’re swag you know! singer Thomas joked. “Our melodies are upbeat and outgoing thanks to the synthesizers but our lyrics are melancholic, we like to create a contrast.”

Tara Boutaleb_4


What kind of atmosphere are you trying to create?

Our music is all about desire. Missing something you never had or use to have. Minimal and then BAM. We never thought about what emotions we want to trigger or atmosphere that we want to create. We just want to make people dance and have a good time.

Tara Boutaleb_5Tara Boutaleb_6

Your music makes me high.

Well, we heard that one before!

Are there people you look up to?

Dries: James Blake for sure! I’m almost obsessed with him!

What color of socks are you wearing?

Thomas: What a coincidence we are both wearing grey socks. But I rarely were these socks please don’t make them visible on your pics.


Tara Boutaleb_11Tara Boutaleb_9


As the interview ended with these legendary words we enjoyed their concert. It was upbeat and minimal at the same time (was they said it would be). Hard to describe if you weren’t there. Make sure you check out their music on souncloud or facebook for more updates.

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