I survived the pressdays

Their followers are more important than the person behind it .They wear expensive clothes , usually sip from Gin Tonic’s whilst complaining that the goodie bags are way too heavy to wear and are in urgent need of an assistent. Yes , I am talking about  bloggers. Twice a year we get invited together with stylists, journalists and influencers to admire the beautiful collections of next season’s clothing and accessoires during the pressdays. Fun and hectic days were you catch up with some bloggers with delicous ( and sometimes) unhealthy food and get spoiled with some goodies. The only challenge is to be at thousand places, all around Antwerp, in two days. It wasn’t easy but I survived it. More info about the goodies and my customized sweather are coming sooon…

You can find other picturesof the pressdays on my Instagram @  JUSTE TARA .





It was raining as hell and I was glad I found my first destination somewhere in the center of Antwerp, hidden in an old and small street.  Then I bumped into Margot,  a lifestyle blogger. Very outgoing, with a lovely and natural style.



And ofcourse there were delicious snacks to taste …



@ My second destination I had a sneekpeak of the new collection of WODEN! The shoes are made out off wooden (obviously) and they’re very eco-friendly and adventurous. Love them! And let’s not forget the delicious donuuts hmmm


dinutsIMG_0521Tara BoutalebIMG_0539Tara Boutaleb

From donut’s to cupcakes. Last but not least I went to a fashion show with coolest dj ever aka DJ Lady S and made my own burger at the BBQ of Buretti. I also met lovely blogger Saghar & her friend Val. I ended my day with some ice cream and went homeeee!

IMG_0556Tara BoutalebIMG_0572Tara Boutaleb

Check out these dope shoes from curly red !

lll (3)lll (4)QQqxQXQXXSQ




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