Movie première with Mathias Schoenaerts

A month ago the movie première of ‘A bigger Splash’ took place in Antwerp. Red carpet? check! famous actor? check! die hard fans? check! So it was officially a movie première.


The movie was directed by Luca Guadagnino. He managed to get really talented actors  aboard. I still don’t understand how he did that. Unfortunatly he didn’t bring Dakota Johnsons , Tilda Swinton or Ralph Fiennes with him  BUT Antwerp-native Mathias Schoenaerts was there!

I had an interview planned with Luca so before going to the première I did a little research. The trailer looked appealing but I read lots of reviews that stated that the movie wasn’t great.

red carpet moment

Before Luca and Mathias arrived, I talked to some fans who were standing next to the red carpet. It became clear that they didn’t came for the movie but just to admire their idol Mathias Schoenaerts. (As the red carpet was empty I practised my walk because you never know….hahah)


You will see….


Everyone was looking around which meant one thing. The stars were arriving. All the photographers were ready to capture Luca and Mathias. As my interview began I started to lose interest. All my questions were being answered with ” I love Tilda, I love Mathias, I love Dakota , …etc . When I asked if there was a message behind the movie, Luca said:”You will see.” So I was kind off relieved when my 2 minutes planned interview had to stop after 1 minute. Don’t get me wrong Luca looks like a nice Italian person but I had the feeling that he didn’t had anything meaningful. But that’s my personal opinion…







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