Pictures of me by: Fien Cox


I met Nicky Janse, the designer of Helix, a while ago during a blogger meeting. He was telling me about his upcoming brand, called Helix. A very colorful geometrical 3D printed jewellery line. I never met someone who makes jewellery with a 3D printer. Because I’m not that into technology, it sounded futuristic and Star Trek’ish to me. But he certainly got my attention. I interviewed the designer because I was so curious about his work and future goals. I discovered that everything is made out of eco-friendly material. It’s also 100% Belgian. Every piece is home made.


Nicky became intrigued by everything that’s new. He discovered a 3D-printer through his previous job and enjoyed working with it. After that everything went so quick. He launched his webshop last november and now a lot of Belgian bloggers are loving Helix!


I choose the HX SCALENE ring, it fits me perfectly and because the design is so unusual I personally think it’s a must-have. Funny fact: I shot this ring in the University of Antwerp and because we needed a male handmodel, a professor IT volunteered. So big thanks to the lovely prof up for helping me out!

I will be doing a give-away soon so keep an eye on my instagram: @JustTaraB !

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