Hotspot: Sushi Shop


I LOVE FOOD, especially sushi. The way the seaweed is wrapped with rice and fish. It’s divine! But finding a good, cheap sushi restaurant well that’s hard. I heard many good thing about the sushi shop and when I was walking in the Nationalestraat (yes I practically live in that street) and I saw the sushi shop on my left I couldn’t resist to go inside.

12312374_10205552065184228_199890549_n Every school day they sell student boxes for about 11 euro’s, how cheap! So I decided to taste them. So I ordered one and before I could eat I took some pictures on my phone of course… After my photo shoot I was able to taste it. Some were made of cottage cheese and cucumbers, others with salmon and avocados. I love raw fish and avocados and the sushi was good!



The interior is very simplistic. The furniture’s and walls are in black and there are some beautiful Japanese flowers. When I look around it really calms me down. I could sit there for hours and think about nothing. It really clears my head. I could almost imagine myself being in Japan. Even though I’ve never been there. Perfect place for the go during the holidays. The employees are very kind and always ask if everything is all right.


That’s why I decided that I would always come back to the sushi shop when I craved some sushi if I’m near. This time I had a voucher so I was really looking forward to try some new sushi’s. I ordered some spicy rolls. Because it was filled with salmon, tuna and avocado hmmmmm and I love spicy food. 12315301_10205574576707002_960303158_o

And bloody hell it was spicy! So I decided to pull of the peppers. But it was delicious and it looked very fancy! Till next time, sushi shop Antwerp!

Adres: Kammenstraat 21, 2000 Antwerpen

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