Interview: The Neighbourhood

I’m a really big fan of indie-rock bands such as: The 1975, The NBHD, Bastille and AM. When I heard that The Neighbourhood was coming back to Belgium I was SO EXCITED. The Neighbourhood is an Southern Californian indie-rock band formed in 2011. You may know them from their hit Sweather Weather.



They’ve been in Belgium many times but I was never able to see them live. This time they were playing in Brussels @ ABconcerts. They were sold out in only 3 hours. Say whut? That’s why I really wanted to interview those really popular lads. I talked to Brandon Fried the drummer of the band. After the interview I caught up with the rest. Brandon is really nice and chill. He even apologized to me for spilling his beer on my phone case.



How was tour so far?

Besides being in Paris during the the tragic attack everything was good. The shows were great, we always love coming to Europe.

What do you do when you’re on tour?

It’s pretty low-key if you ask me. We wake up. Eat. Hang out in the bus. Play some video games. Do some soundcheck then go backstage to chill and talk to our girlfriends back home. After that we play at our show and go back to our bus. That’s it bassically. It’s very low-key. We’re the least glamourous group ever (laughs)!

Weren’t you afraid to come to Brussels after the attacks?

Afraid? No! We know the attack level had been raised because some of them were from Brussels. A lot of bands cancelled their shows but we decided it would be better just to finish our show, play music. Give people a reason to enjoy life and forget about what is happening. Don’t let terrorists take away Rock & Roll! All the shows have been sold out which was really cool.

Were they all sold out?

I believe so. That’s what have told to us. It may be a lie, to make us feel better. But it has been a great tour so far.

Your last album Wiped Out! is very influenced by the ocean. How comes?
We recorded the album after our last tour, last year, in Malibu. We rented a beach house en then finished it in L.A in Mikey’s mother house. The cover of the album represents the view that we had in Malibu and L.A. We were indeed influenced by the sea because we recorded it near the sea.

What inspires you to make music?

Zach and Jeremy play the guitar. When they come up with a new tune we sit together and figure out where it will lead us. The music making process never ends e.g. like in Malibu. When you’re making a new album it’s always in the back of your head of course. But we were just jamming all day, chilling, making music and having the time of our lives.

Is your last album different from your previous ones?

Yes, of course everyone is a bit older. You see it as a next step forward. Consider it as a evolution. We all have a different taste of music and ideas.

Can you tell me more about your taste of music?

Jesse is a big fan of hiphop and rap he likes artists like Lil Wayne, 90′ RnB like Usher and boyband members like Justin Timberlake. We all love Justin. But me, Mikey and Zach we’re more into rock-indie.

How was it to work with rapper YG on your last mixed tape #000000 & #FFFFFF?

YG is very cool! Jesse also did a song with French Montana, he has met him a couple of times. The mixtape was definitely rap influenced.

Question from a fan: What’s up with Jesse’s clothing style?
For as long I’ve known Jesse his clothing style was always important to him. He likes to change things up. I guess he has like a million clothes. He’s a really big fashion guy.

Is clothing important to you?
Yes, we like to express our individual style through clothing. We don’t look the same and that’s cool. Our clothing is a bit SoCal (Southern California) influenced, compared to bands from London or New York. We like to wear Vans. That’s a bit our Californian trading mark.

Ever had outrageous fans?
Naah! Our fans are super sweet, they give us letters and gifts.

Have you ever looked around and thought: ‘Wow we’ve made it.’
Our stardom is really gradual. We never thought like ‘this is it’. Everything goes pretty fast.

Last question: How do you keep your hair so healthy and shiny?

Coconut oil!

After my interview I gave the guys some chocolat from fans and they made a video showing how much they loved. I wish the Neighbourhoud goodluck with their tour! They will be back in Belgium on 14/3!



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