Report: Elle Party

Every year Elle magazine throws a major party . This year the event took place in the Shop in Antwerp, instead of Brussels! I love Elle ! So I gladly attented the party as a photographer with blogger Jon The Gold. I had a blast it was so much fun. It was a great night, with love


Ⓒ Ian Hermans


First there was a dinner with tasty food like oysters, pasta, belgian fries and sushi! My favorite dishes. Some belgian bloggers confessed that it was waaaay to fancy for them.


Ⓒ Tara B.

After the dinner I went to Clinique to fix my make-up,then to the Zalando show room. It was heaven, there were lots of clothes and a huge catwalk.



Ⓒ Ian Hermans


Ⓒ Tara B.

Bottles were being popped, the music was spinning, people were dancing. Everyone was having fun.




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