Interview: Vuurwerk

A while ago I discovered this band Vuurwerk aka Firework. I really liked their music so I was stoked when I heared they were performing in my hometown. I did an interview with the three lads from Brussels: Thieu, Jergan and Sjam. They were really chill and talked about their wildest dreams and lifegoals.


© Tara B.


© Tara B.

Vuurwerk is part of the project ‘Run Tel Secrecy’. Tell me more!

Jergan: Run Tell Secrecy is an artistic group that contains musicians, photographers, visual artist…. Vuurwerk is part of it and we were once the founders of Run Tel Secrecy.

On your first tour you went to the Balkans, what was it like?

Thieu: Wow that’s a long time ago, but it was fun!

Sjam: That was in 2013, before our first EP.

Thieu: Now we’ve also toured in the US & UK.

On the internet your band has been described as a mix of techno,hiphop and post-garage. What are your thoughts about that?

Jergan: We just produce electronic music with all kinds of influences. We don’t want to create a cetrain type of music nor label it.

Thieu: We all listen to different music.

What kind of music?

Thieu & Sjam : Electronica!

Jergan: I listen to almost everything from classical music to electronic.

What has inspired your music?

Jergan: We often work with visual aspects, which means that we start with an image then the music follows. Visuals are very important in our music production.

In one of your music video’s you used Lou Doillon, daughter of the famous Jane Birkin.Why?

Thieu: We thought it was a beautiful image, especially because it was black and white. Very inspiring.

What was it like to play next to  Jamie XX ?

Jergan: We were playing two shows : one soloshow in AB ( a concert venue in Brussels) and a StuBru ( the national radio) showcase with Jamie XX. It was a wonderful experience.

Thieu: Jamie XX is a big inspiration!

You’ve played at big festivals. How did you experienced it?

Thieu: It all went so fast! Suddenly we were at Pukkelpop en we also managed to play at Dour and Lokerse Feesten!

Have you ever thought you’d play at such big festivals?

Jergan: It was partly luck and ofcourse the right timing.

Sjam: We don’t focus on fame and succes. We take our time to make proper music. Music isn’t fast-food. You shouldn’t hurry and think “done next single!”

Thieu: A good show is a must like in theather or dance. You should feel and see it. It’s an experience.

What kind of vibe do you try to pass on to your audience?

Thieu: We don’t try to pass on a cetrain vibe or experience. That’s very personal. If someone comes to our show on their birthday or after their grand-father passed. Then those people will feel a total different vibe, during the same show. Our goal is to deeply touch people. We don’t dictate what they should feel. We just want them to feel something when they come tou our shows.

Last question. What are your wildest dreams, lifegoals?

Thieu: Sjam wants to go to the Bahama’s!

Sjam: Wouldn’t there be concert venue’s in the Bahama’s? I would like to perform there! If this dream comes treu I’d rest in peace.

Tiheu & Jergan: Basically if Sjam’s dream came treu we’d be happy.


Vuurwerk anounced on their facebook pagina that Sjam’s dream came, treu. They’re finally heading to the Bahama’s.


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